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Tittel: Engineer

Kontraktstype: Permanent

Stillingsprosent: 100%

Lønn: Negotiable

Sted: Hampshire

Ref.kode: 4485

Søknadsfrist: ASAP

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Topsides System Engineer

Alternative job title (Industry benchmark) – ‘Engineer Co-ordinator- Project engineer’

Job Purpose:

* To provide system engineering input into the conceptual, front end and/or detailed engineering design specifically to topsides facilities of a floating production system.
* To ensure that contractor designs and specifications meet project requirements and industry best practice.
* To ensure that lessons learnt from projects are captured in Company best practice.

Required Experience:
* Turret system engineering experience

Required knowledge, technical or professional skills:
– Organisation Processes: Company / Corporate organisation, Internal Standard, Project Management process, Suppliers qualification methodology and techniques, Feed-back development and diffusion, Technical audit and Design Review, Work team management methodology, ‘Internal client’ organisation process, Documentation management, Site Management, Site Materials and equipment organisation, Site accountancy, Project Procurement Management, Contracting Strategy, Contract Management

– Supports and technologies: Standard ISO, TQM and Quality system, Technical requirement and Standard, Information Integrity System and information process support SW

– Compliance: Mining Legislation, Local/National and International Standard and Codes, Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, Tender procedure, Health of Site Management, Agreement

– Plant Design: Process Design, Utilities Design, Mechanical Design, Electric.& Instrum.& Telecom Design, Facilities R&D, Contractor’s Documentation

– Mooring Design: Knowledge of Mooring Design

– Naval Design: Knowledge of naval design, Ship Stability, Dynamic of Vessel, Strength Assessment, Mid Section design.

– Naval Structures Design: Knowledge of Dynamic Load Verification, Buckling Assessment, Fatigue Analysis

– Piping & layout design: knowledge of piping design, routing optimization, stress analysis, equipment layout, operability and accessibility assessment

– Construction & Installation: Inspection, Installation, Offshore Installation Supervision, Inspection, Control and Testing techniques

– Production System Design: Knowledge of Production System Design

– Project Management: Prep. of Program & Budget, Close-Out Report Preparation

– Offshore Structures Design: Offshore Structures Design

– Construction & Installation: Site Construction, Inspection, FAT Testing, Integration Testing, Installation , Plant construction, Control system knowledge

– Sea-line & Riser System: Knowledge of sea-line & riser system design

– E&P Management: Joint Ventures: Representative, Standard Workflow – Best Practices

– Economics General: Economics , OPEX Budgeting, Economics evaluation, make or buy choice, Economics Planning and Control, Cost estimating/budgeting/cost analysis/control

– Contracting: Def. of Contract Strategy, Variations and Claim Resolution, Contract Negotiate. & Mgmt, Contractor’s Document. Review & Approval

– Techn.Specific. & Bidding: Prep. of ITT Documentation, Prep. of Functional Specification, Technical & Contract. Specific. Prep. (Engineering), Bidding, Evolution technological market, Specific suppliers and contractors market knowledge, Preparation and development of technical Standard, Tender technical evaluation

– Production System Design : Oil & Gas Processes & Facilities, Life cycle design, Production system engineering

Main responsibilities
– Overall technical integrity of topsides system design
– Topsides system design compliance with projects requirements, international standards, company guidelines and engineering best practices

Key activities:
– Topside planning and mon

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Multiscope Resourcing.

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