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Tittel: Process Engineer

Kontraktstype: Contract

Stillingsprosent: 100%

Sted: Aberdeen

Søknadsfrist: ASAP

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Process Engineer

Work Location AMECFW Westgate office


Maintain quality to support facility operation
Support the cross functional integration of risk assessments
Improve process safety activities
Participate in process safety incident investigations
Familiar with PSM systems, Process Safety Documentation, Facility siting and Safer Design principles

Process Safety Engineers at each facility would be responsible for the application of all Process Safety related Specs, Standard, and Procedures. High points include:

1) Technically Skilled/Capabilities to Maintain quality in Risk Assessment, Facilitation, Communication, and Mitigation Plan Development to support the facility operation. Skilled with RAP sheets or Database process for risk capture and tracking.
Becomes a single point for training in Risk Skills and brings this directly to the facilities.
Supports the prioritization of facility resources in risk reduction activities.
Prioritize the Facility Hazard Parking Lot
Facilitate HRRs for each facility - create consistency, mentor plant engineers to develop risk assessment facilitation skills, share learnings throughout field in the process
Facilitate L2RA's when large production impacts associated - develop consistency, provide calibration for leaders making decisions
Develop TOR for more detailed risk assessments
Communicate risk assessment results
Support mitigation plan development

2) Supports the cross functional integration of risk assessments. For example Pipeline risks are owned by operations, with support from CIC and Resource, with compliance implications. Facility Process Safety Engineer would understand the cross functional relations within risk action plans and ensure critical activities are prioritized and budgeted by operations.
3) Support closure of S&O Audit findings related to Process Safety and Risk.
4) Facilitate the risk register development and communication of risk KPIs. Demonstration of Continuous Risk Reduction. (Yet to truly be developed).
5) Improve the rigor and quality associated with the process safety activities.
6) Imbed Process Safety related lessons learned at the facilities.
7) Provide a point of contact between Engineering TAs and the facilities to implement specs and standards
8) Facilitate PSAs for MOCs with immediate (i.e. weekend) need, or that are bigger than the Fac Engr feels comfortable with, but don't need town support
9) Participate in incident investigations for process safety related incidents - have accountability to formally share learnings in a meaningful way across slope
10) Assist with PSA action item resolution for O&M activities (i.e. dispersion modelling for gas pads risk assessment to allow for temporary derate)
11) Provide assistance for RISc score development for Compose entries to assist with meaningful pre-appraise project description
12) Dedicated support to OSM for prioritization of risk activities and action plans (potentially using a RISc methodology) to enhance the rate of risk reduction considering efficiency and resource availability.
13) Responsible for PHA Revalidation and Recommendations progressed to proper process
14) Assistance with SORA's, SIS test plans, C&E drawings, ISA 84 life cycle
15) Knowledgeable in all aspects of facility and well pad operations with the ability to support projects with facility upgrades.
16) Supporting and maintaining Process Safety Information- Eventually
Flare study information and maintenance
Procedure -Safe Operating Limits Tables
PSV database
Car Seal Log

17) LOPA Traction Entry review for accuracy Overall Responsibilities: - A minimum of five to ten years of experience -Familiar with and able to facilitate/scribe various hazard identification methods and scenario-based hazard evaluation procedures (What-If, Fault Tree, Hazard and Operability, Layer of Protection Analysis, Event Tree, and/or Bow-Tie Analysis). -Strong understanding of PSM systems -Familiar with Process Safety Documentation (P&IDs, Cause and Effects, Safety Instrumented Systems, automation and controls) -Familiar with Facility Siting and Inherently Safer Design principles.

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