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Tittel: Store manager

Stillinger: 4

Kontraktstype: Permanent

Stillingsprosent: Full time

Sted: Hamburg

Arbeidsgiver: Clas Ohlson

Søknadsfrist: 15-01-2016

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Team leaders (Sales & Merchandising, Sales & Logistics, Support)

Clas Ohlson is a successful Swedish retail company with nearly 100 years of history. With more than 200 shops, we are now represented in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Great Britain and Dubai. For our expansion to Germany, we are now looking for you!

Do you accept the challenge?

For our new shops in Hamburg, we are looking for several different team leaders. The positions are permanent and full-time (37.5 hrs/week). Start date: 2016-03-01.

Team Leader Sales & Merchandising leads the store sales steering, drives its commercial calendar, creates sales activities that correspond to forecasts, phases in and out products etc. You are responsible for showing a vivid brand and concept in displays, communicating new products and promotions communicated in a proper way. Important work goals are daily sales, campaign objectives, visual communication and customer experience.

Team Leader Sales & Logistics shares some of the duties above, but also leads the store's supply chain, inventory process and its shipments and returns. You are responsible for having the right products on the shelves and in the store stockroom, as well as making changes in supply orders. Important work goals are optimal inventory levels, as well as safe and efficient transportation.

Team Leader Support leads the store customer and employee services, ensure that tills operate, and all sales equipment and customer service gear works. You perform work scheduling, work time and payroll reporting. Together with the store manager, you are responsible for having a store that complies with laws, policies and procedures. Important work goals are good planning, high service levels, proper monitoring and maintaining motivating working relationships.

The team leaders are part of the store management team and are in frequent contact with central corporate functions to follow corporate processes. All team leaders alternate between normal sales activities such as meeting customers, working at tills, replenishing goods, while at the same time being the foreman in inspiring, motivating and coaching all employees toward common goals.

Together, all of you in the store are ambassadors for the Clas Ohlson brand and our service offering. No matter where, when and how our visitors get in contact with Clas Ohlson, they always feel welcome. As an employee in our store you are a host and the customer is a long-awaited guest!

Are you the person we are looking for?
We are looking for retail talents who successfully worked for some years in similar roles in shops or service professions and now want to invest in a future with a strong company bringing a unique concept to Germany.

You have completed vocational training in sales/retail/service/human resources and have preferably prior work experience in any of our categories (hardware, electrical, multimedia, home, leisure).

The work requires that you occasionally use English and modern IT tools at work. You also have a good physique and speed to carry out daily physical tasks.

You demonstrate practical leadership through leading by example, giving clear instructions and motivating your colleagues to perform at a top level. You work well together with others and are motivated by the will to succeed together.

Important criteria and qualifications (listed from formal to more personal)

previous work in a retail store with a concept (discount stores etc.) or a vivid brand (hardware store, furniture store etc.)

completed vocational training/education in sales, retail or other service area

practical leadership ability with communicative and interpersonal strengths

interest and skills in using English at work

good computer skills, especially with MS Office, and perhaps with ERP-systems

interest in an international work environment and open-minded towards diverse cultures

outgoing, engaging, energetic and cheerful personality

Recruitment information:
Send in your application in English along with your CV and cover letter, by 15th January 2016 at the latest.

We warmly welcome your application!

For more information:


kundenservice, tlf: +49 40 34 03 64, e-post: Klikk her

Clas Ohlson

was founded in 1918 as a mail order business based in Insjön, Dalarna, Sweden. Today, the company is trading in five countries offering outstanding service via its approx. 200 stores, web shop, catalogue and telephone sales channels. Clas Ohlson helps its customers solve every day practical small problems with a wide range of affordable products in five product areas: Hardware, Electrical, Home, Multimedia and Leisure.

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